July 30, 2016

My ‘China Girl’ journey began in my last year at high school. For my final fine arts assessment I was drawn to researching my Chinese roots within New Zealand. I discovered and became fascinated with my ancestors who arrived here at ‘Chinaman’s Terrace’ in Bendigo, Central Otago 150 years ago during the Gold Rush. To these hard working miners New Zealand was the “New Gold Mountain” and they quickly discovered that with this new adventure came a harsh and unforgiving lifestyle.


I was young, excited and deeply affected by my new found interest and used a canvas to pay my respects. I got top marks for my project and 16 years later I have combined what I learned, my passion for wine and a lifelong love for David Bowie and his ‘China Girl’ to produce my very own homage to those iron-hearted ancestors. 


Is it a remarkable concurrence, or fate, that the grapes grown on a vineyard located on ‘Chinaman’s Terrace’ have now produced a Pinot Noir awarded best in the world? It is certainly fitting that this very same wine, with its deep history in our land will be used to toast closer ties between New Zealand and Chinese leaders.


I am a true China Girl, raised in New Zealand and feel privileged to witness the dawn of a blossoming new era.


- J.Song

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