July 31, 2016

China Girl is our symbol of going forward, with it’s chalky and earthy characteristics it has been awarded 5 starts from Simon Nash, Raymond Chan and Wine Orbit. Most special to us and what sparked our collaborative vision with Sir Michael Hill is the one lingering fact that the vines holding these China Girl grapes held deep roots in soil once rich in gold, in soil that so many suffered for. We are lucky, in fact honoured to have the opportunity and vision to nurture this land and product our very own liquid gold...where else is the world can this be achieved?

You’ve heard how China Girl was born, the history, the journey and the result. It’s now time to share the WHY. We launched our amazing Pinot Noir at our very important charity event in Christchurch last week. With over 100 in attendance, St Andrew's college, where Jing once studied, helped us set the tone for an incredible evening. Friends, faculty and ex-pupils joined us to help raise $10,500.00 that will go directly to the St Andrew’s Chapel rebuild. The Chapel was completely destroyed in the 2011 earthquake and this is Jing’s way of supporting an institution that shaped the woman she is today.

We were joined by Prime Minister John Key, Christchurch Mayor, Lianne Dalziel, Christine Layton, head of St Andrews and Sir Michael Hill who has shared our vision from the start. Our China Girl auction items, including a 9L custom bottle, a 1.5L magnum and 750ml items were all signed by our distinguished guests. Our talented friend Jo Burzynska shared our latest multi sensory experience and educated our guests on the close relationship between taste and sound. The night was a huge success. Our journey to get here has been one of much self discovery and we will be forever proud of all that has been achieved along the way. We must pay an eternal debt of thanks to those who have supported us and shared their wisdom and knowledge...without you China Girl may have remained in the past, forgotten. Instead we celebrate and move forward into a bright and meaningful future.

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